Marriage Counseling can build the relationship you long for.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling or relationship help is for smart people who know success in other areas doesn’t automatically mean happiness in love. They don’t teach this stuff in school and even good examples don’t necessarily translate to your situation.

It’s time for help geared specifically to you.

Good Marriage Counseling is an experience that pays dividends for generations. I’m eager to help. Let’s get started.

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Betrayal or break-up can leave you reeling.

Individual alone facing grief death loneliness

You’re facing a major loss most of us muddle (or google) through but don’t REALLY know how to navigate.

It can be a devastating, painful, and disorienting time. That’s true even if you’re the one leaving.It takes more than time to heal these wounds.

In fact, there are probably some things you’re doing to prolong and intensify your suffering. Let’s stop that and get you through this as quickly and effectively as possible.

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Looking for a tribe of women like you?

Women's group, SSS Women's Club The SSS Women’s Club launches twice a year, (spring and fall) meeting 8 times over a 3 month period. It’s for strong, smart, and sassy women like you who have survived a relationship disappointment (or several) but done your work to heal past the initial crisis.

You’re growth-minded and you know that women together in community can go further faster as they share the truth about their lives and challenges. You do so much to enhance others’ lives AND you know you need space just for you. This is it. Your place for support, accountability, and community.

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I’m Beth Luwandi Lofstrom, MA, LPCC, Licensed Counselor and Life Coach.

Marriage Counseling

Whether you’re trying to get through a rough patch, make sense of a painful or frustrating relationship, or attract the love you long for -even from a current mate- I can help.

With support, solid insight, and research-backed methods, I’ve personally joined hundreds of individuals to help them improve their relationships and lives. Many have faced infidelity or a huge loss. They’ve found relief, gained real skills, and emerged fully equipped to enjoy satisfying, lasting relationships.

I meet clients online from my office in Montgomery, Ohio, suburb of Cincinnati.

Let’s talk on the phone. Or schedule a first telehealth meeting for a free 15-minute consultation. Either way, getting started is easy. Click the button and send me a message.


What others have said about our work together:

I loved the wonderful insights and gentle, loving way Beth showed them to me. We are now in  wonderful relationship. I highly recommend her. – SJ

With Beth’s support, I have survived some of the worst days of my life after my husband’s affair. I have truly learned so much. My family has noticed the change and has said “it must be your counseling.”  I love our time together. – HL

After my infidelity, opening myself up and putting myself in a vulnerable position was worrisome. Beth’s persona, willingness to listen, and caring made this easy for me in a manner. Knowing her and participating in her programs has made me a better person. – A J

Beth’s teachings and skills provided me with an understanding and skills on a much higher level than I ever expected. I’m excited about using them to further cultivate my marriage along with helping me through my career journey. – HJ

My husband and I really enjoyed our sessions. In fact, it saved our marriage. We felt comfortable opening up. Beth gave us the skills to succeed in our marriage together. – AP

Beth is awesome. We have been doing really well and are using the stuff she taught us. We benefited greatly from our couples and individual counseling. – V and C

I’m so grateful that I found such a fabulous therapist. My family can see the positive change in me. – DE