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Effective Couples Counseling offers hope and solutions.

All couples experience challenges. Anxiety, disappointment, or anger can overwhelm even the best relationships. Maybe everything’s good until you confront “that issue.” Effective Couples Counseling provides skills for relief, resolution, and lasting connection. Wondering if just ONE of you can make a difference? Oh yes, you can. Read more>      

A break-up, betrayal, or death can leave you reeling.

You hold it together…and then…sometimes, it’s just too much. It can feel like you’re just not far enough along. You wonder if this is normal, if you’ll ever get through this. What if you get stuck? It’s all so confusing and muddied. When will you ever feel like yourself again? Read how Individual Counseling can help. >    

Hi, I’m Beth Luwandi Lofstrom, MA, LPC. I’m a therapist and Life Coach, and a realistic romantic.

That means I know the quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life. I also know how to help you enjoy the love you deserve: to attract, create, and keep it. Maybe you’re at the repair stage: repairing your heart, repairing your life, repairing your marriage. You might be wondering if you’re even capable of trusting again… or if it’s even worth it. Counseling can feel like one more step into the unknown. But good help makes all the difference.

I meet clients in my office in Montgomery, Ohio, suburb of Cincinnati, and virtually, almost everywhere else.