Can Couples Counseling save your relationship?

Frustrated? Having the same tired conversation and getting nowhere? Maybe you’re facing a huge obstacle like infidelity. Let a couples counseling and relationship expert help.

couples counseling in Cincinnati

I’ll give you tools for relief, resolution, and real connection. That relationship you crave is possible.

Wondering if just ONE of you can make a difference? Oh yes, you can.

Call me: 513-530-5888.

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Feeling shaky after a break-up or death?

You hold it together really well…and then…sometimes, it’s just too much. Don’t get stuck. Having someone to help get through this loss makes all the difference.

I can help you process and move on, heal for good, and gain skills that will minimize your pain now and in the future. Let’s get started. Call me: 513-530-5888.

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Hi, I’m Beth Luwandi Lofstrom, MA, LPC.

I’m a therapist and life coach, a relationship guru,
a realistic romantic.

I specialize in couples counseling including infidelity treatment.

I practice out of Cincinnati, Ohio and I am available for online counseling or coaching.

Like you, my clients are successful, intelligent people who long for healthy love but struggle

with unfinished loss, heartache, or an approach that’s just not working.

They’re frustrated. Overwhelmed. Anxious. Sad.

They’re also smart enough to realize good help at the right time is truly intelligent.

If any of that fits, nice to meet you. You’re in the right place.

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