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21 Healthy Sexuality 101

Wondering if you’re experiencing normal sexuality?

Dr. Nazanin Moali, licensed psychologist practicing in southern California talks about the tenets of healthy sexuality, what is at the root of many sexual issues, changes in libido as we age, and knowing when it’s time to get professional help.

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Burning question comes from a 52-year old woman with grown sons in their early 20’s who was suddenly widowed about a year ago. She wants to know how to approach her desire for sex after a long, frequent, satisfying sex life in her marriage. You’ll love what Dr. Naz has to say about this situation. Dr. Naz defines sexual addiction, explores polyamorous connections, and underscores cultural influences.

From a sex-positive perspective,

Dr Naz and Beth explore the tenets of healthy sexuality, this very important aspect of life, love, and relationship.

1. Healthy sexual behavior is not emotionally destructive to the individual or the partner.
2. It’s relational. Participants are engaged emotionally.
3. It’s important to perceive sexuality as an important part of life, not devaluing it or compartmentalizing. It is physical, emotional, spiritual.
4. Discover what is fulfilling to you and your partner and brings you closer together emotionally.

Remember: it might take a while to tune into a new partner and discover what he or she likes and enjoys and create the way you two fit together.

The Good News about Sexuality

Good news: people are capable of engaging in fulfilling sexual behaviors at all ages. What predicts sexual satisfaction later in life is experiences in younger life. There ARE differences in arousal and navigating this honestly in sexual relationship is possible!

More good news: Some say sex life improves immensely with age due to comfort with one’s self.

Underlying cause of many sexual issues:

1. lack of good education
2. unrealistic presentation of sex (heavily influenced by pornography-an idealized representation and misrepresentation of what is attractive and stimulating)
3. imposition of a narrow beauty and body standard.

Time for professional help with sexuality issues?

If it is a problem for you, it’s a good time to reach out for help. Time with a trained professional can ease your mind, give you perspective, and help you understand yourself. That’s just the start of getting you to the goals you have in mind right now. No matter what you’re facing, there are solutions and you are not alone. We can find them together based on your unique make-up.

Ready to talk? Give me a CALL: 513-818-2024 and let’s make a plan for you to enjoy a healthy, whole, positive experience of sexuality.

Resources: The Sex-Starved Marriage by Michele Weiner Davis and Passionate Marriage, David Schnarch, PhD.
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