Grown-up Attraction, what men really think

4 Ladies Only: how attraction works

WARNING: EAR MUFFS FOR LITTLE ONES. (Four-letter word alert AND some talk about sex.) 😉

Ever wonder what a man is really thinking?

Wouldn’t you like to really know how attraction works? Here’s what you need to know about what men are really thinking and, why, for men who actually love women, it may not be at all what you think! Plus, how all the things we’ve been told about being a good woman does NOT get us what we need or want in relationship.

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Burning Question: Having a significant body issue? When is the right time to tell a love interest?

Believe Me:

Men who love women (like us, want us, are not misogynist) like women in a variety of packages. Trust me on this!

If you run into a man who isn’t attracted to your particular package, screw him. He’s not your man. It’s not a popularity contest. You just want your man to be attracted to you, right? You don’t have to be a 9 or a 10 to be happy in love or to love your body.

Attraction factors: what do men (and women) really find attractive?

Kindness, intelligence, playfulness, youthfulness…

someone he considers to be “good-looking”

interested in him! Some women are really resistant to let a man know she’s interested.

and some secret stuff like chemistry, pheromones!

Yes, and emotional maturity!

By age 35, the Good Guys you want to have a relationship with for the long haul and are fit for real relationship want EMOTIONAL Intelligence:

  1. Confidence, meaning relatively healthy self-esteem. Not insecure, not inflated
  2. Know what they want in life, out of
  3. Emotional responsibility. No divas, drama queens, or princesses.
  4. Understand him. For example understand how a man’s sexuality works and accept it!
  5. Communicate without blaming him or making him wrong.

Need help acquiring any of those skills?

Here’s a startling FACT:

Good Guys PREFER “bitchy” women to doormats. If they had to choose, they’d eventually choose a demanding woman over a complete doormat.

Doormats guarantee that a man will never win with you!

In fact, you doing all the work and putting yourself last, sacrificing yourself, acquiescing and giving in or staying quiet at every turn is the absolute wrong thing to do in relationship!

Maybe you’ve actually given yourself away in relationship. Some women swing to the other extreme and give off the “stay away” vibe! Why?

It’s out of a desire to protect ourselves and a “logical” response to hurts, to life! It’s hard to see that the values we were raised with have helped us behave as doormats or bitches.

If you learned the wrong thing, you can change this.

That’s the good news! Everything on the list is a quality you can cultivate and develop and increase your attraction level.

The challenge, bringing yourself into complete balance

so you can have those other alluring qualities: confidence, managing your own emotions, truly understanding men, communicating without blame and making him wrong.

You’re in a position to care about yourself, value yourself, and put yourself FIRST, not last. And ultimately find a sense of balance.

Need help making the adjustments? CALL ME and let’s get together. 513-818-2024.