About working with me

Hi, I’m Beth.




If things are painful in relationship, it affects everything.

I bet you already knew that. Broken relationship of any kind is a LOSS.

Did you know that fulfilling, healthy relationship is the number one factor in life-time happiness, longevity, and well-being? (If you need proof: watch HERE.) That’s why it’s my specialty.

I know how to help YOU learn all about it and DO it. No matter what’s going on. No matter what has happened. No matter if you’re an easy fit for therapy or not.

Not everyone is made for traditional therapy, you know. That’s why it’s different here. I pay attention to the way YOU are made and give you tools that fit you.

We all have our story.

Look, I know you’re not going to share your story with just anyone.  And sometimes it can be tough knowing if you’ve found the right person you can trust who knows what they’re doing.

My story is why I do this work. Of course it includes enormous pain. But it also has a very happy outcome. The pain forced me to find a way to heal after loss and learn how to live and how to love well.

This is where our stories intersect.

Let’s make your outcome a very happy one too. Lasting, satisfying relationship and a healed, fully functioning heart is, literally, just waiting for you… if you’re willing.

I know how to get you there.

I can help.

I certainly got an excellent education: from school, from my work (as an educator and in mental health- both agency work and private practice) and from a voracious drive to research, test methods, and learn from plenty of “trial and error” in my own life.

I like to say “My pain is YOUR gain.” It is. Literally.

If you let me join you.

How do you DO that?

1. Just let me know you’re ready and we’ll get started. Click the SCHEDULE button and shoot me an email or leave me a voice mail.

2. I’ll contact you within 24 hours (or sometimes about 48 if you reach out on the weekend) and we’ll get you on the schedule either for a FREE consultation or your first session. There’s a little preliminary paperwork to bring to your first session but then we’ll jump in.

3.  In that first session, I’ll be assessing as I listen to what’s going on for you. I’ll give you at least one juicy tool or significant insight that will provide some relief, shake things loose, or get you trying something new in your life. But I won’t push. We’ll go at your pace.

4. Within the first three sessions for sure, and maybe sooner, we’ll set goals together (I’m listening for what you truly want to be or do or have in your life) and make a plan for how to get you there.

5. You are going to experience healing and growth, learn things and gain skills that will serve you long after our time together. My job is to work myself out of a job with you. Your job is to do the work it takes to get there. And you will. I’ll be with you every step of the way, even when it’s painful or uncomfortable. Believe it or not, we’re going to have some fun too. And joy. And laughter. In fact, I bet you actually end up liking our time together. 😉

You’re safe here.

I specialize in relationship, yes, and also infidelity treatment including for the offender… no matter how recent or distant. I’m an ally for those exploring their personal and sexual history and identity. I advocate for survivors of intimate partner and family violence. I’m LGBTQ affirming and welcoming. All faiths or no faith, all races and cultures welcome.

Take that first step. I’m looking forward to meeting you!