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6 Love and Loss are Married FOREVER; complicated grief

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Complicated grief, anyone?

Through personal story, Beth Luwandi explores the complex relationship between love and loss, especially when it turns into complicated grief. After enduring significant loss, one’s ability and willingness to love is altered permanently. It’s even worse when complicated grief happens as a result of circumstance, conflict, or other tricky situations like survivor guilt, added shame, or conflict with the dying person.

Beth tells the very personal story of losing her closest sister and how it impacted her willingness and ability to love and what events marked her healing. Punctuated with four music tracks from her sister, Mary Lofstrom, jazz vocalist and founder of Shimmering Fishbelly Music (here used by permission.) This weaving together of story, psychology, grief, healing, hope, and pain will let you know once and for all that choosing to love again is the richest possibility. Even out of complicated grief. Getting there can take as long as you need it to.

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