midlife love


Midlife love has its own shape, flavor, and progression.

Midlife love can be extra challenging and extra rewarding. You owe it to yourself to understand all the dynamics that make this time in life the BEST time to enjoy healthy love.

Knowing how to approach this time in life is key to happiness for the rest of life.

And it’s true whether you are long-married, newly wed, re-wed, or single (and looking or NOT looking.) That might sound like an overstatement, but, I assure you, it is NOT. This, right now, is the absolute key. The podcast is a slick, private, fun way to get some FREE support for your situation.

Listen in as Beth Luwandi Lofstrom LPC, shares practical insight, the psychology of love and attraction, and real tools you can use NOW in relationship and in the dating phases of midlife love. These fun and functional conversations, interviews with other experts, and stories from the trenches are always FREE. Plus, listen to the answers to YOUR Burning Questions in every single episode.

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