I know it’s tough choosing the right therapist.

You need someone you can trust. Someone who will truly help you get results. Someone, who, right away, is going to help ease your pain.

See what others are saying about me:

Couples Counseling:

“My husband and I really enjoyed our sessions with you. In fact it saved our marriage. We felt comfortable opening up to you and around you. The only reason we haven’t returned is because you gave us the tools to succeed in our marriage together.” – A and S

“Beth, You are awesome! We have been doing really well and using the stuff you taught us. We benefited greatly from you!” – V and C

“Your teachings and skills provided me with an understanding and results on a much higher level than I ever expected. Love it! I’m excited about using them to further cultivate my marriage along with helping me through my career journey.

Beth you simply ROCK! Opening up and putting myself in a vulnerable position was worrisome. Your persona, willingness to listen and caring made this easy for me in a manner.

Knowing you and participating in your programs has made me a better person!” – J of J and M

Individual Counseling:

“I am so appreciative about the help that you’ve given me.  It’s made all the difference in the world in who I am and I’m so grateful that I found such a fabulous therapist!  My family can also see the positive change in me and have mentioned it.  I’ve also recommended you to my daughter, brother, sister, friends.  

This was my first time in any type of therapy and I was going through such turmoil in my life. You have a very gentle approach and bring such a positive light to issues.  In a little nudge or hint, you helped me see things differently about myself, others and situations. Thank you again for everything you’ve done for me!  – Donna

“My family has said, ‘You are changing…(for the better) It must be your counseling.’ I love the diagrams…finding out that I am “heart centered” and “triangular theory of love” was a conversation piece in my relationship.

I know that I look forward to my sessions and I truly have learned and survived some of the worst days of my life. I have so much more to go through but knowing I’ll have you at my side, gives me hope that I will come out stronger on the other side. I have already shared with my friends how much I love our time together.” – LH

Individual Coaching:

“Your sessions and your seminars helped me! I felt connected to you and your journey was similar to mine.  You understood my spiritual side and my approach to life.  You gave great tips in the seminar for dating and building relationships.  So I signed up for 4 sessions to help improve my dating online profile.  Little did I know how deep we would go.
I believe in doing the inner work to be authentic and know who I am.  I knew that I had to be happy with myself before sharing that with someone.  You helped me get there.  I was doing it but you got me there even faster.  I loved the wonderful insights and gentle loving way you showed them to me.  I am now in wonderful relationship (for 10 months) and still growing together.  We met online…  lol
I highly recommend you as a coach and your seminars to anyone.” – SJ