Is Life Coaching right for you?

life coaching,

If you have short-term, highly defined goals in one area like Career, specific behavior change, or Midlife Dating, Mating, & Relating, Coaching might be for you.

If you have wider-ranging goals related to improving your marriage, handling infidelity, processing grief, getting over heartache, managing anxiety or life stress, Counseling may be more appropriate. Or, if you are not completely sure what you want, and need guidance to figure it out, Counseling is definitely the route I recommend exploring first.

Here are some key distinctions:

Counselors go through a formal curriculum regulated by a national board, pass a board exam, and are licensed by their state of practice. The graduate-level education springs from Psychology with heavy emphasis on methods and techniques. Licensed Professional Counselors have clinical experience and training on a wide range of mental health concerns. They must maintain continuing education and adhere to the American Counseling Association’s Code of Ethics.

Life coaching is unregulated; though there are certification programs, one does not need to be licensed or certified to practice as a life coach. Coaches focus on one (or just a few) areas of specialization to work with clients to solve (relatively) short-term problems. Lots of certification programs emphasize a coach’s ability to ask powerful questions.

The cool thing for you is that I have both areas covered. Because I have a formal education, AND understand the nature of coaching, you get to choose! Let me know.

What it means for you:

Because my therapy approach is already person-centered and collaborative, there’s a more subtle difference than for some clinicians. My default will be to offer counseling services unless you request coaching. The real practical distinction comes down to this:

  • Insurance will not pay for Life Coaching even as an Out-of-Network claim. Many people have Out-of-Network insurance benefits that partially reimburse my behavioral or mental health (counseling) sessions. I have to submit a diagnosis to them. Some people think that’s not worth it. Some people don’t mind.
  • If paying out-of-pocket anyway, some people prefer to have a “coach” versus a “therapist” or vice versa. Of course, I love being a therapist and I love being a coach, so I don’t discriminate!
  • My coaching role is most active in the Midlife Dating, Mating, & Relating specialty (one-on-one, in groups, and in seminars.) When your need for this springs from issues of loss or life, we can decide together which approach to take.

If you do coaching in Midlife Dating , Mating, & Relating, know that the areas we work on are:

  1. PREPARATION: taking a look at YOU
  2. ATTRACTION: understanding THEM and how to attract suitable potential mates
  3. CONNECTION: making it meaningful and enjoying the process
  4. EVALUATION: fairly measuring the things that matter (including distinguishing between RED and PINK flags)
  5. RELATIONSHIP: gaining the good skills for serving the relationship long-term

Obviously, this is not a linear process and areas will overlap and inter-relate. Even so, there are SMART ways to go about this to yield good results. We’ll follow the route and speed YOU find most comfortable.

Here’s the general process:

  1. We meet to discuss goals and where you want to go.
  2. We assess informally and in more structured ways, what is obstructing progress.
  3. We identify strengths you can use to expand on desirable behaviors.
  4. You’ll be asked to practice focus behaviors between sessions.
  5. We’ll continue to measure change based on your goals until…


Because I am a Licensed Professional Counselor AND Life Coach, I am obligated in both areas to abide by the ethics and standards of the Counseling profession. It’s my pleasure to do so as Counseling guidelines have at their core the well-being of clients and so do I.

Want to sign on for a coaching package?

Prepaying the package amount saves you a little dough and commits you to finishing what you start here. (You may decide you want more work at the end of the package and that’s great too.)

  • 4 – 50-55 minute sessions @ x$270 each for a total of $1080 prepaid (to be used within 60 days of start.) includes 2 extended email exchanges between sessions.
  • 6 – 50-55 minute sessions @ x$265 each for a total of $1560 prepaid (to be used within 90 days of start.) includes 3 extended email exchanges between sessions.
  • 10- 50-55 minute sessions @ x$250 each for a total of $2500 (to be used within 120 days of start.) includes 6 extended email exchanges between sessions.

Coaching is for high achievement and well-defined goals. Your individualized sessions and personal application between sessions (including using your email correspondence to support that application) are specifically designed to get you where you want to be as quickly as possible.

Let’s get started. Email me or call me at 513-530-5888.