When is it time for a couples counselor?

You might know there’s real trouble. You’re fighting or withdrawn more than usual.

Or it may feel like something is just “off.” You aren’t as connected as you once were.

Maybe huge issues threaten the relationship. Is one of you this close to leaving? It’s not too late.

couples counseling can result in greater intimacy and satisfaction

As a Couples Counselor, I can help you:

  • deeply understand what contributes to the dissatisfaction;
  • effectively communicate about even the hardest topics;
  • get to the root of the issues for each of you and together in relationship;
  • find a lasting solution that will serve you for the rest of your lives;
  • regularly BOTH get what you want and need;
  • give you skills to create satisfying connection;
  • help you experience healthy, fulfilling partnership;
  • maintain healthy, loving relationship that stays fresh for the rest of your life.

Not quite sure? You gotta read my About page here. It explains a lot about my approach and answers questions about why you’ll like working with me. And check out what others have to say about Couples Counseling with me:

From V and C-

“Beth, You are awesome! We have been doing really well and using the stuff you taught us. We may be back at some point, but we benefited greatly from you!”


From H of H and M-

“Your teachings and skills provided me with an understanding and results on a much higher level than I ever expected. Love it! I’m excited about using them to further cultivate my marriage along with helping me through my career journey.

Beth you simply ROCK! Opening up and putting myself in a vulnerable position was worrisome. Your persona, willingness to listen and caring made this easy for me in a manner.

Knowing you and participating in your programs has made me a better person!”

couples counseling is for any stage in relationship

Wondering if just ONE of you can make a difference?

You definitely can. Of course you can’t control another human being and you can’t MAKE someone LOVE you well. Yet, one person in a partnership CAN shift the relationship permanently. Your movement toward health will change things!

We’ll use individualized and effective strategies to help you remove barriers and build skills to experience the love you deserve. Relationships are dynamic. Having a healthy, loving partnership that works for you IS within reach.

Individual Counseling or Coaching can help you:

  • find hope if you’re lacking it;
  • heal after heartache and minimize future suffering;
  • invite your partner into a healthier, more enthralled, interested state;
  • shift your relationship so you get more of what you want and need;
  • identify which “helpful” patterns are really hurting your relationship;
  • learn what’s keeping you stuck and how to shake it loose;
  • improve relationship satisfaction and increase intimacy;
  • evaluate your situation based on what matters most to you;
  • know what is your stuff and what is not your stuff and then do the right thing with it;
  • resolve troubling areas of contention;
  • deeply understand how you and your partner “show up;”
  • learn how the way you’re each made can serve your relationship instead of keeping you “in the struggle;”
  • enjoy the best love of your life.

Still not sure? You gotta read my About page here. It explains a TON about my approach and it’ll answers questions about what it’s like working with me.

Couples and individuals who come here leave set to enjoy “the best of life for the rest of life.” It sounds like a tall order, but it WILL happen… with my support and your investment. Let’s get started.


Call me at 513-530-5888. Let’s make a plan.