Professional Fees

Professional Fees for Counseling

Professional Fees for service. Symbol wheat.

Are my professional fees a little higher than some? There are several good reasons for that.

I keep my volume of clients low so you get the individualized attention you deserve.

I bring my best self to session, which we all deserve and you expect. Many therapists are overworked and exhausted. You get my best.

My business is to equip you with what gets you where you want to be. In fact, my job is to work myself out of a job. You’re not going to need me forever but you are going to reap the benefits forever.

And don’t worry, if you want long-term support or an ongoing, in-person resource, I provide that as well. I have many clients (individuals and couples) who graduate to an every-three-weeks or once-monthly relationship after those initial goals are met.

I even have clients who come back on an as-needed basis when new life challenges arise. Like any truly good doctor, accountant, or investment broker, I am in your corner as long as you need me.

Growth can be challenging, sticky, sometimes even hard. Don’t worry; we go at your pace. You want your investment of time, energy, and money to actually help now and yield lasting results. Clients come ready for relief, open to learning, and willing to try a different approach.

I already know you’re worth the time, effort, and financial investment.

Let me know you’re ready.


Counseling Professional Fees:

  • Individual Counseling: $197 per 50-55 minute session.
  • Couples Counseling: $247 per 60-65 minute session.
  • Group rates: from $50-70 per 60-75 minute session, established at the time of group inclusion.
  • Extended sessions may be available as agreed with added time applied at $50 (individual) to $60 (couples) per 15 minute segment.

Payment for treatment is due at the beginning of each session. I accept cash, check or credit, including your HSA card. A $30 fee will be imposed for any returned check. Please be prepared to leave a credit card number on file for no-show or late cancellation (less than 48-hour notice) fees.


Out-of-network Insurance Claims:

If you like, I will provide paperwork for you to file with insurance so you can claim me as an out-of-network provider and receive partial reimbursement directly from your insurance. This means I have to assign a true and ethical diagnosis.

Some people don’t want that on their medical record. Not everyone has out-of-network benefits. But if you have them and want me to do this, it’s as easy as asking for a receipt during session.

Why do out-of-network claims?

Some people do this because they have a deductible that must be met and it saves money. Some people don’t want a diagnosis sent into insurance becoming part of their permanent health record. You get to decide what’s important to you.

Individual Coaching packages

I take only two coaching clients at any given time. Professional fees for coaching per session range from $250 to $220 depending on the package purchased.  (You may decide you want more work at the end of the package and that’s great too. You can always repeat a package or pick a different one to add.) Choose which fits:

  • 4 – 50-55 minute sessions @ x$247 each for a total of $987 prepaid (to be used within 30 days of start.) includes 2 email exchanges between sessions.
  • 6 – 50-55 minute sessions @ x$237 each for a total of $1417 prepaid (to be used within 60 days of start.) includes 2 email exchanges between sessions.
  • 10- 50-55 minute sessions @ x$227 each for a total of $2370 (to be used within 90 days of start.) includes 2 email exchanges between sessions.

Coaching is for high achievement and well-defined goals. Your individualized sessions and personal application between sessions (including using your email correspondence to support that application) are specifically designed to get you where you want to be as quickly as possible. Read more here to see if coaching is right for you.

You can improve your life and achieve your goals.

Whether it’s for relationship, career, coping with anxiety, getting beyond heartache, or simply being the best version of you, I am looking forward to joining you.

Now accepting a limited number of new clients.

Let’s get started.