Female, smart, successful, and having a frustrating time with RELATIONSHIP?

You are not alone.

Honestly, we both know you are a very bright bulb. You’ve been figuring things out for, well, pretty much your whole life. That’s why it hurts so much you haven’t quite figured out the relationship thing.

I know, I know. Women are supposed to be so relational. Which makes this even more of a stinger.

We know you can be a powerful force for good in your life and relationships. It’d just be nice to know you’re not the only smart, spirited, and great woman who hasn’t quite succeeded in this area and still wants to get it right!

Just a few things are getting in your way.

Have you already decided to join the SSS Women’s Club? Here’s some of what to expect:

Progressing together is mighty powerful stuff. And group is the place to do it.

Beautiful, healing things happen here.

Inspiring, unpredictable and weirdly wonderful things happen here.

The hardest part is getting here.


If people really understood how much this helps, they would get here as a reflex. It would be part of everyone’s process. While your situation and approach is unique so much about the experience of frustration in love and relationship is universal. You’ll be surprised how much you share with others.

You’ll be amazed how being part of a group can get you where you want to go.

Group here is an 8 session cycle, meeting about twice a month. Please be ready to commit to attend at least 6 of 8 sessions. You can repeat the next cycle if you decide you want to.

The next Group forms in early 2018.

New to this whole idea? Call or email me, tell me a little why you want to do this and we can set up a time to meet for a FREE 15-minute screening.