Women’s Group

Smart, Successful, and frustrated with Relationship?

You are not alone. The SSS Women’s Club is for you. (That stands for Strong, Smart, and Sassy.) Get in here!

Maybe you’ve sustained a loss: divorce, infidelity, death, or you’re living with sustained singleness or childlessness. Your mojo can definitely take a hit when your heart is pummeled in such a huge way!

Honestly, we both know you’re a very bright bulb. You’ve been figuring things out for, well, pretty much your whole life. That’s part of the reason this is such a stinger. And women are awesome. Women together are frickin’ phenomenal.

Don’t do this next part alone. THIS next part includes healing, getting your mojo back, finding your strength again, becoming even more YOU… just wildly more irresistible and set to attract all the good stuff…in love, at work, and in life.

Join the SSS Women’s Club and you’ll get:

  • insight into how you’re made… and how to use it.
  • a clear view of what’s standing in your way… and what to do about it.
  • tips on how to truly get what you want and need… without changing your personality or playing games.
  • connection and mutual empathy like never before.
  • inspiration in other’s stories, struggles, and strength.
  • community. Bonded, supportive, strong community.
  • a safe place to tell your truth.
  • motivation to grow deeply.
  • accountability for your movement and growth.
  • acceptance. Unconditional acceptance and love.

Women are Phenomenal. PERIOD.

Women together are unstoppable. Astounding. Surprising. And Wonderful.

Like-minded women coming together with a shared purpose in a guided, healthy, structured, goal-driven group are- what can I say? the BEST.

We want you! The next Group registration starts August, 2018 and starts meeting in September.

Your first step to joining:

Contact me below and I will send you the details PRONTO!


The hardest part is getting here.


If women really understood how much this helps, they’d get here as a reflex. It would be part of everyone’s process. While your situation and approach is unique, so much about the experience of frustration in love and relationship is universal. You’ll be surprised how much you share with others.

You’ll be amazed how being part of a group can get you where you want to go.

Group here is an 8 session cycle, meeting about twice a month. Please be ready to commit to attend at least 6 of 8 sessions. You can repeat the next cycle if you decide you want to.

Know you want to join?

Click the button and let me know!