Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling can help.

Individual alone facing challenges

Life can get pretty messy. We all get disoriented and lose ourselves from time to time. Knowing when it’s time to let someone guide you is key. Whether a broken heart, relationship struggles, anxiety, sadness, or deep loss have you thinking about therapy, you’re in the right place.

I’ll help you process and keep moving, get relief just as soon as possible, and give you skills to use well into the future. You won’t ever have to repeat this kind of anguish. No matter what. I’ll walk with you every step of the way.

Individual Counseling can feel a little scary.

It’s normal to feel that way. You’re about to trust a virtual stranger to help with your most tender challenges. I respect that. I’ve taken those risks myself and I feel deeply honored you’re considering me.

Honestly, it won’t be as hard as you fear. Chances are very good, you and I will find a lot of joy and laughter in the process. I say all that just in case you’re feeling a little nervous. It’s okay. It’s gonna be good. We can do this together.

How this Works

You don’t have to know and be able to articulate exactly who you are, how you’re made, and where you want to go. You probably have some idea about that stuff or you wouldn’t be considering getting support. Still, it’s my job to listen well and figure that all out. It’s what I do. I’ll check with you to be sure I’m hearing you. After all, you’ve known yourself a whole lot longer than anyone else.

Even so, we don’t always see ourselves accurately. Our vision can be clouded by messages from others, our own habitual perspective, by life’s experiences. We’ll explore all that carefully and respectfully together. It won’t take all that long.

I bet you’ll like being seen accurately and understood for who you really are.  I bet it will be pretty cool, even fun, to learn more about yourself… from someone you can trust, someone who tells the truth and knows what to do with the information.

Once we see how you’re truly made, we’ll discover and decide what you want to change. Then we get busy choosing the keys to unlock your healing and get you results. You’ll use strengths you already rely on. You’ll learn how to identify and easily leave things you’ve either believed or are doing that aren’t helping anymore. Little by little or as rapidly as you can handle. You’re always in charge of the pace.

You want a plan, a strategy, an approach that’s going to solve this challenge.

I have lots of them. They’re effective, tailored to you, the way you’re made, and how you already move through the world. They’re even scientific, backed up with research and results. Don’t worry. Even if all you know right now is that you want less pain or to feel more like yourself, we’ll find the path to get you there.

Let’s schedule a session or set up a FREE 15 minute in-person consultation. I’d love to meet you.