Ready to find out what’s really keeping you stuck (and what to do about it?)

Individual alone facing challenges

Carl Rogers, one of the famous dead Psychologists I truly love and admire, says, “I’m not perfect. If I were, it would not be enough. I am human… and that is enough.”

We all need people who see us accurately, understand us and what we’re experiencing, and accept us unconditionally. It’s what I do for you. For starters.

Maybe you’re thinking that’s good, but it sounds pretty flimsy and simple.

You want a plan, a strategy, an approach that’s going to solve this challenge.

I have those too. Lots of them. They’re effective, tailored to you. Even scientific, backed up with research and results.

My first aim is to see how you’re made, hear exactly where you want to go, and then choose together the keys to unlocking your healing.

You’ll use strengths you already rely on. You’ll learn how to identify and easily leave things you’ve believed that aren’t helping anymore. Little by little or as rapidly as you can handle. You’re in charge of the pace.

You’re safe here.

I’ll help you see yourself clearly, honor the way you’re made, and walk with you to get where you want to go. Honestly, it won’t be as hard as you fear. Chances are very good, you and I will find a lot of joy and laughter in the process.

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