Marriage Counseling Can Restore Relationship

Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling or relationship help is for smart people who know success in other areas doesn’t automatically mean happiness in love. Facing infidelity? Fed up with the same conflict over and over? Maybe you just don’t feel heard or understood.

There’s a solution for each challenge you’re facing. Let me help.

I’ll show you how to heal relationship-threatening wounds, overcome repetitive patterns, and create Relationship 2.0 (the mutually nourishing and fulfilling version).

You’re a smart, successful person and you deserve a happy, cherishing relationship. I’ll teach you how no matter where you’re starting.

Marriage Counseling CAN start with one of you.

You’re more powerful than you think. If you’re the ONE willing to invest in getting help, you can completely shift your relationship. I’ll show you exactly how to do it. Read more About Sessions with me.  Or just click the button to get started.


Women's Group

Recover Fully after ANY life disappointment.

Do it with a group of women like you.

Listen, we have ALL been through relationship and life disappointments. Women joining together have a unique ability to support and encourage one another. We spur one another to growth in a way that doing it alone just can’t match.

Whether you’ve faced infidelity, divorce, breakup, negative patterns, or even a death, SSS Life is where hurting women become Strong, Smart, and Savvy for life.

Read more HERE  Enrollment is open twice a year. Get in or get notified when enrollment starts. Click below.


I’m Beth Luwandi Lofstrom, Personal Coach and Licensed Counselor

I’ve helped hundreds of people improve their relationships and lives. They’ve faced major transitions: relationship threat, infidelity, divorce, mid-life questions, agonizing repetitive patterns.

They’ve found relief, gained real skills, and finished fully equipped to enjoy a vibrant life and satisfying relationships.

I meet clients ONLINE through a secure video link for highly effective and efficient treatment.

Getting started is easy. Click the CONNECT button and send a message. We’ll follow up and get a consultation call scheduled as soon as possible.


What others have said:

I was really losing my self-respect, my drive, and my joy before starting this work.  It is no-nonsense and direct.  It has been a life saver. -LT

I feel like a new person and I feel like whatever life throws at me I am now armed to internally resolve it as quickly as possible and with grace! -HY

We are now in wonderful relationship. I highly recommend Beth, her coaching, and programs. I loved the wonderful insights and gentle, loving way she showed them to me. – SJ

I have survived some of the worst days of my life after my husband’s affair. I have truly learned so much. My family has noticed the change. I would absolutely recommend this to someone experiencing a relationship loss or struggle. It’s an investment in finding yourself again and learning the tools needed for many situations.- LH

These teachings and methods provided me with an understanding and skills on a much higher level than I ever expected. I’m excited about using them to further cultivate my marriage and in my work. – JH

Beth cultivates an atmosphere that allows for pure authenticity. The ability for her to tap into my personality traits and how that ties back into my relationships, work, etc. allows me to feel comfortable and confident in myself. It’s remarkable how much I’ve grown and built on my understanding of who I am as a person. I would 100% recommend her. -AS

After my infidelity, opening myself up and putting myself in a vulnerable position was worrisome. Beth’s persona, willingness to listen, and caring made this easy for me in a manner. Knowing her and participating in her programs has made me a better person. – AJ

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