Heal After Heartbreak

If you’ve been trying to heal after heartbreak due to a post-COVID breakup, you are not alone. While many people stayed together in 2020, the fall of 2021 saw a significant shift as many couples decided to call it quits. That’s left a number of people struggling to heal. You’ve probably experienced heartbreak before, but […]

Getting Needs Met

Whether in life generally or in relationship specifically, getting your needs met can be tricky. Some people go about this by being demanding. (Aggressive.) Others are quiet. (Passive.) Some pretend to be content while there’s seething anger and resentment below the surface. (Passive Aggressive.) Sometimes others just “take the bull by the horns” and go […]

Grieve Actively

Learning to grieve actively is one of the best skills you’ll ever need. It might seem morbid, but none of us escape life without significant loss. Yes, even you, young grasshopper. I remember, at 23, studying the life span of long-term marriage and getting to the midlife or “third stage.” One of the “processes” of […]

Gentleness: I’ll teach you how.

I’ll teach you all about gentleness. It’s one of the most important skills for healthy relationship…even with yourself. Most of us don’t do this naturally. Most of us have internalized a harsh, critical voice that is the exact opposite of Gentle. Then we go about believing that voice and just doing life according to it’s […]

Self-Love Talk: Selfish or Essential?

What is all this talk about self-love, anyway? Isn’t self-love just selfish, narcissistic, self-centered, navel-gazing? Or is it something important and life-giving, necessary, and a skill you can learn? So many of us grew up with the message that even considering ourselves was selfish, self-centered, maybe even “unfeminine” or unkind to other people. We got […]

Self-Love is KEY to everything

Five Clues you Struggle with Self-Love. When you get something nice, how do you feel? Whether large or small: an unexpected inheritance, a gift from a friend, consideration from a complete stranger- how do you feel? Guilty? Do you feel a little skeptical of their motives? Wonder why this happened to you? Do you quickly put it in the category of a FLUKE? OR on the opposite, do you feel entitled and think things like “yeah, that’s right! Why doesn’t that happen more often?”

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