Then what happens?

1. My team will contact you soon, usually through email to schedule your FREE Consultation CALL.

2. On that phone call, we’ll chat for about 15 minutes. Together we’ll decide if you’re ready for your first session.

3. In that first session, I’ll be assessing and give you at least one juicy tool OR shift to use right away.

4. Within the first three sessions (maybe sooner), we’ll clarify goals and make a plan to achieve them.

5. You are going to learn things, gain real skills, and grow in ways that will serve you long after our time together.

Please allow up to 48 hours response time. We don’t return inquiries on the weekends or over holiday breaks.

Location & Address:

Cincinnati, Ohio and virtually, almost everywhere else. All sessions are via telehealth. I’ll send you an easy-access, safe, HIPPA-secure link when you schedule a session.

Physical Address: Luwandi Counseling and Coaching  3345 Whitfield Avenue, Cincinnati

You’re safe here.

I specialize in communication, and infidelity treatment including for the offender… no matter how recent or distant. I further specialize in relationship issues of all kinds, and the accompanying anxiety, depression, and anger that can sometimes coexist. I’m an ally for those exploring their personal and sexual history and identity. I advocate for survivors of intimate partner and family violence. I’m LGBTQ affirming and welcoming. All faiths or no faith, all races and cultures welcome.

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