After the Affair: Healing for the Offender

Want to know once and for all what healing after infidelity truly requires? CLICK TO ORDER directly from Amazon and Kindle.

A must-read for everyone involved.

For the offender, here is a charted course on the quickest route to clarity, healing, and restored identity.

For those partners whose mates have strayed, here’s comfort in understanding what will heal both your hearts and make it possible to enjoy love (and life) again.

Every therapist will find inspiration, perspective, and methods to help couples and individuals truly heal after infidelity. The book includes an introduction to Whole Human Theory (TM) and many of its highly effective and accessible methods.


Also available on Kindle and coming soon to audible with the author reading.

COMING SOON:  Communication Guide for Attracting the kind of love you truly want and deserve!

In this you’ll discover:

  • why your current patterns are hurting ALL your relationships…and YOU!
  • how you’re virtually GUARANTEEING you WON’T get what you want and need.
  • why you really aren’t being heard.
  • motivation for dropping the old “logical” way of talking about anything high stakes
  • how to turn it around instantly!
  • how to help yourself at the same time you’re receiving what you truly want and need.
  • how this kind of communicating makes you really attractive… to everyone.
  • scripted examples for any relationship
  • what to do when others DON’T meet your every expectation.
  • how to enjoy the benefits of easy communication and connection


THERE’s A COURSE on this: Stop Talking; Start Communicating. GO HERE

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