Loss changes everything.

Loss and heartache are lonely times. Don't try to heal alone.

Whether the loss you’re experiencing comes from death, divorce, or broken relationship, support will make it easier. You’re a strong person and you keep going, of course. The loss can be fresh or long-past before you realize it’s interfering with the life you want. It’s easy to get stuck, confused, or overwhelmed when we try to face it alone.

Individual therapy for loss can help you:

  • minimize your pain
  • feel understood.
  • know how to handle the intense waves of pain.
  • regain a sense of yourself.
  • cope with triggers.
  • experience comfort and create it for yourself when others can’t.
  • work through the parts of the relationship still affecting you.
  • learn a healthy way to support others sharing the loss while you honor your own grief.
  • give you skills you can use for the rest of life.
  • prepare for good relationships and love again.

Grief has as many faces as people it affects. That’s why we’ll address your experience in the way that is truly helpful for you. Isn’t it time to experience the comfort, peace, and balm of sharing it with someone who can help?

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