Love Talk, Baby

Just in time

Plan on this easy night out. It’s more than a CEU workshop and better than your usual date night. Bring your mate or come by yourself. Either way, you get to join the conversation with other therapists and non-therapists about a very HUMAN topic: Communication.

Specifically, we’ll explore how the way we’re made influences how we do it -communicate, that is- especially in our intimate relationships.

You’ll walk away with new insight and skill, including an elegant tool you can use in real life and share with clients. When you use it, you’ll be heard, understood, and get more of what you need and want…in any relationship.

It’s a Love Talk, Baby. Come join the conversation and play along. Scroll down for the NEXT SCHEDULED Love Talk EVENT.

About your presenter

Beth Luwandi Lofstrom, MA, LPCC, DARTT, is a couples and individual therapist. She specializes in relational trauma repair, including grief and infidelity treatment. Trained in Relational Life Therapy and EMDR, she’s HOCI certified as a Developmental and Relational Trauma Therapist.

Beth is the founder of Whole Human Therapy (TM). Established in 2015, this modality explores BIG concepts like Love, Communication, respect, connection, and personal responsibility in a simple, practical, and accessible manner. Beth has created numerous tools her clients use to transform, heal, and deepen their relationships and lives.

As a personality psychologist, Beth brings a sense of humor and deep respect for human diversity. She examines difference in strengths, processing, movement, individual core issues, and adaptive behavior. She’s on a mission to provide therapists and other healers with fun, collaborative, and effective opportunities to consider and improve their relationships.

Are you a therapist, coach, or other healer? You’re invited (with your mate if you want to bring them- please do!) to the next “Love Talk, Baby.”


Friday, February 3rd

7-9 pm

The Center for Mind, Body, and Play

3345 Whitfield Avenue

Cincinnati, Ohio 45220

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