Sometimes, Love Hurts

If the two of you are ready, Couples Counseling here is the real deal.

I don’t expect you to be like some ideal love model that exists out there and tells you to be a certain way. I know you can be happy together just the way you’re each made. It’s possible even when huge barriers like infidelity, trust issues, and long-standing conflicts overshadow your happiness together.

And if you’re the only one in the relationship willing to do some therapy, you CAN dramatically shift your relationship and experience the best love of your life.

We’ll use individualized and effective strategies to help you remove barriers and build skills to experience the love you deserve. Relationships are dynamic. Having a healthy, loving partnership that works for you IS within reach.

I can help you

  • find hope if you’re lacking it
  • heal after heartache and minimize future suffering
  • invite your partner into a healthier, more enthralled, interested state
  • shift your relationship so you get more of what you want and need
  • learn what’s keeping you stuck and how to shake it loose
  • improve relationship satisfaction and increase intimacy
  • evaluate your situation based on what matters most to you
  • know what is your stuff and what is not your stuff and then do the right thing with it
  • enjoy the best love of your life
  • maintain healthy, loving relationship that grows with you and stays fresh for the rest of your life

It’s my mission to help you get set to enjoy “the best of life for the rest of life.” Let’s get started.

Ready? Call me. We can schedule an appointment or a FREE, in-person, 15 minute consultation.  I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.