Individual Counseling

Individuals see me alone for sessions lasting 50-55 minutes. Sometimes  we might pull a support person in for a session or two if desired and helpful. Find out more about it HERE.

Couples Counseling

Couples come in together to work on relationship for 60-65 minute sessions. Sometimes in Couple’s Counseling I’ll do a session or two separately when needed and then we’ll all come back together.

No matter what, I maintain confidentiality for each individual, meaning if there is something you share with me separately, it will be just between us. You always decide what you want to share with a partner or support person.

Couple’s Intensive

“Can this marriage be saved?” That’s the most pressing question to answer for many couples. It can take just 7-8 hours over two days exploring the essential aspects of your relationship to finally get a REAL answer. We spend four extended sessions together (two each day with breaks and plenty of time for fun at days’ end- read, “plenty of time for decompression” and “shaking it out” each evening.) It’s worth making  the investment in your future. Read more here.

Women’s Group

SSS Women’s Group is for Strong, Smart, and Sassy Women and it is tons of fun. It’s also a great opportunity for exponential growth. Plus you’ll experience community, belonging, and accountability that keeps you progressing. Most local group cycles are 8 sessions long over a 12 week period. Members are asked to commit to at least 6 of the 8 group dates when they register. Check the Group page for the NEXT scheduled round to get in on the greatness and become part of the SSS Women’s Group.

Individual Coaching

Coaching is reserved for those with specific goals in Career and Productivity, Midlife Dating, Mating, and Relating, or Saving the Marriage. It is intense, goal-oriented and includes email contact between sessions. A limited number of spaces are reserved for coaching clients who purchase a package to meet specific goals. Read more HERE to determine if coaching is right for you.

We can schedule a session or a FREE 15-minute in-person consultation.