Couples Counseling or Coaching

Experience relief from the negative patterns and create Relationship 2.0

Let’s join together to work on the relationship. We’ll define the pattern so we can permanently shift it and you both can enjoy what the relationship fully. It’s communication, conflict resolution and so much more.

Sometimes in Couple’s Counseling I’ll do a session or two separately when needed and then we’ll all come back together.

No matter what, I maintain confidentiality for each individual, meaning if there is something you share with me separately, it will be just between us. You always decide what you want to share with a partner or support person.


Individual Counseling or Coaching

Break free of negative beliefs and patterns. Experience real recovery no matter what you’re facing.

Individuals see me alone for sessions lasting 50 minutes. Sometimes we might pull a support person in for a session or two if desired and helpful.


Women’s Group Program: SSS LIFE

Complete recovery after any relationship rupture. No matter where you start.

SSS Life is a membership program where hurting women become strong, smart, and savvy for life You’re committed to personal growth and facing an obstacle or repetitive pattern affecting your relationships, life, or work. Personal Growth is better, easier, and faster together. Join SSS Life HERE. Enrollment is OPEN for a LIMITED TIME.


Schedule a FREE 15-minute phone consultation.

I want to hear a little more about what is going on for you. I’ll let you know exactly how I can help.

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