Individual Counseling

Individuals see me alone for sessions lasting 50 minutes. Sometimes  we might pull a support person in for a session or two if desired and helpful. Find out more about it HERE.

Couples Counseling

Couples work on relationship for 60-90 minute sessions. Sometimes in Couple’s Counseling I’ll do a session or two separately when needed and then we’ll all come back together.

No matter what, I maintain confidentiality for each individual, meaning if there is something you share with me separately, it will be just between us. You always decide what you want to share with a partner or support person. More INFO here.

Individual Coaching

Coaching is reserved for those with specific goals. It is intense, goal-oriented and includes email contact between sessions. A limited number of spaces are reserved for coaching clients who purchase a package to meet specific goals. Read more HERE to determine if coaching is right for you.

We can schedule a session or a FREE 15-minute phone consultation.


Are you looking for my Elite Coaching Programs?

These are for women who have had a partner cheat (infidelity Recovery Fast Track) It might even be years later but you’re still feeling the pain. Is that you?  APPLY HERE for a Strategy Call with Beth or one of the team members and let’s see if we’re a fit. We’d love to help.

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