One-on-One Sessions

Ready for one-on-one Couples Counseling or Individual Counseling?

Couples or individual sessions


Couples Counseling or relationship help is for smart people. One-on-one sessions don’t have to mean years in therapy either. We’re talking weeks, not months and months or even years.

I specialize in helping people recover after infidelity and other big relationship disappointments and my approach is highly effective.  I’ll give you tools for relief, resolution, and real connection.

Individual or Couples Counseling will help you:

  • find peace and relief from the tension;
  • understand and heal the core issues that keep you stuck;
  • effectively communicate about even the hardest topics;
  • learn to get what you want and need;
  • change the pattern of relationship permanently;
  • use skills to create satisfying connection;
  • experience healthy, fulfilling partnership;
  • learn to keep that healthy, loving relationship fresh.

Wondering if just ONE of you can make a difference?

You definitely can. One person in a partnership CAN shift the relationship permanently. Your effort will absolutely change everything.

Individual Counseling or Coaching can help you:

  • decide regarding the relationship;
  • heal your wounds and minimize future suffering;
  • deal effectively with triggers;
  • learn to trust appropriately;
  • get what you want and need;
  • change the relationship pattern permanently.


Are you a Woman who’s had a partner cheat?

Can’t get him to go to counseling? Maybe you just want this solved as quickly as possible. Whether this is fresh or you’ve been living with the after-effects for years, you deserve to fully recover.

I designed the Infidelity Recovery Fast Track just for you. READ MORE HERE.




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