Couples Counseling

Time for Couples Counseling?

couples counseling together

You’re fighting or withdrawn more than usual. Something is just “off.” You feel stuck, in a rut. You aren’t as connected as you once were. Maybe huge issues threaten the relationship and you’re finding it impossible to trust, much less connect. Maybe all goes well until you confront “that one thing” again.

All couples experience ups and downs but few of us were taught the skills needed to sustain a connected, satisfying relationship. Anxiety, disappointment, or anger can easily overwhelm even the best people and pairings.

Of course, you’ve tried to make sense of it. You’ve tried to change things. Because you’re smart like that and you’re a good person. Don’t be hard on yourself; this stuff is tough to change when you’re in it. That’s why having a skilled Couples Counselor makes all the difference.

We’ll sort it out together and I’ll give you tools for relief, resolution, and real connection. That relationship you crave IS possible.

In Couples Counseling, you’ll:

find peace and relief from the tension;

effectively communicate about even the hardest topics;

regularly BOTH get what you want and need;

use skills to create satisfying connection;

find a lasting solution;

experience healthy, fulfilling partnership;

learn to keep that healthy, loving relationship fresh.


Wondering if just ONE of you can make a difference?

You definitely can. One person in a partnership CAN shift the relationship permanently. Your effort will absolutely change everything.

Individual Counseling or Coaching can help you:

  • heal after heartache (if you need to) and minimize future suffering;
  • trust appropriately and know how and when to extend it;
  • invite your partner into a healthier, more enthralled, interested state;
  • get what you want and need now;
  • learn what’s keeping you stuck and shake it loose;
  • improve relationship satisfaction and increase intimacy;
  • resolve troubling areas of contention;
  • use how you’re each made to serve the relationship instead of keeping you “in the struggle;”
  • enjoy the best love of your life.

Couples and individuals leave set to enjoy “the best of life for the rest of life.” It sounds like a tall order, but it WILL happen… with your investment. Let’s get started. All of us or just you and me. Let me know a little about what’s going on. I want to help.