One-on-One Sessions

Couples or individual sessions

Couples Counseling or relationship help is for smart people who realize success in one area doesn’t always translate to healthy love.

I specialize in helping people recover after infidelity. But any couple longing for change will gain effective tools for relief, resolution, and real connection.

Individual or Couples Counseling will help you:

  • find peace and relief from the tension;
  • understand and heal the core issues that keep you stuck;
  • effectively communicate about even the hardest topics;
  • learn to get what you want and need;
  • change the pattern of relationship permanently;
  • use skills to create satisfying connection;
  • experience healthy, fulfilling partnership;
  • learn to keep that healthy, loving relationship fresh.

Wondering if just ONE of you can make a difference?

You definitely can. One person in a partnership CAN shift the relationship permanently. Your effort will absolutely change everything.

Individual Counseling or Coaching can help you:

  • decide regarding the relationship;
  • heal your wounds and minimize future suffering;
  • understand the core issues and respond in a helpful way;
  • deal effectively with triggers;
  • learn to trust appropriately;
  • get what you want and need;
  • effectively communicate even about tough things;
  • practice and demonstrate skills to create connection;
  • change the relationship pattern permanently.


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