Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling can help.

Individual alone facing challenges






Individual Counseling for relationship challenges is highly effective.

I’ll help you

  • get relief just as soon as possible,
  • process what you’re facing and
  • use skills in real life.

It will make a difference starting now. Plus, the investment is going to serve you forever.

Individual Counseling can feel intimidating.

It’s normal to feel a little nervous. Facing relationship issues makes us feel vulnerable. I respect that. I’ve taken those risks myself and I feel deeply honored you’re exploring working together.

Honestly, it won’t be as hard as you might suspect. Chances are very good, you and I will find a lot of joy and laughter in the process.

How this Works

Do you have clear objectives? Or just want to get unstuck and feel better? I can help.

Here’s how we do it: in the first couple sessions, I assess and listen. I uncover how you’re made, how you process, and what are the core issues. You’ll leave session with something to focus on.

Next, we choose methods to unlock your healing and get you results. You’ll use strengths you already rely on. You’ll learn how to identify and easily leave things you’ve either believed or are doing that aren’t helping anymore.

I bet you’ll like being seen accurately and understood for who you really are.  I bet it will be pretty cool, even fun, to learn more about yourself… from someone you can trust, someone who tells the truth, and knows what to do with the information.

You want a plan, a strategy, an approach that’s going to solve this challenge.

I have lots of effective strategies. They’re also scientific, backed up with research and results.

Don’t worry. Even if all you know right now is that you want less pain or to feel more like yourself, we’ll find the path to get you there.

Let’s schedule a FREE 15-minute phone consultation.

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