Infidelity Treatment for Women

.Effective Infidelity Treatment

Elite Coaching provides Infidelity Recovery for Women

Finding Effective Infidelity Treatment shouldn’t be so difficult.

Unfortunately, conventional infidelity treatment makes this worse, not better. It’s hard for you, for him, and for the relationship.

Even if you manage to stay together, YOU WILL struggle to fully recover…sometimes for decades.

There is GOOD NEWS!

Effective Infidelity Treatment for Women combines the right content with direct, individual coaching, plus incredible group dynamics to deliver truly effective treatment for infidelity. It is NOT like other approaches or programs.

The EIT Fast Track (Effective Infidelity Treatment) will help you:

  • heal your triggers permanently,
  • know what to say and do with your partner now and later,
  • get strength and clarity to decide regarding the relationship,
  • have a complete framework for healthy relationship (once and for all,)
  • know HOW to do your half of it,
  • and inspire your partner’s half.

It’s not tricks, gimmicks, or hacks. This is the real stuff I’ve been teaching people for years. It’s foundational. Plus, it will serve you for the rest of your life.

You could spend $25-30 thousand over the next two years on individual or couple’s counseling. And make things worse.

Or you can join the Elite Coaching Program. It lays out the exact method and process that has helped hundreds of people fully recover after infidelity and move on in healthy relationship.

Most women who enroll spend 12 WEEKS actively doing the program. They DON’T spend YEARS in therapy or couple’s counseling. Plus, they get much better results. And ALL the content includes lifetime access.

BONUS: you don’t have to try drag him to therapy or keep him going back.

Even if it’s YEARS after, it’s not too late for you to fully recover!

Hit APPLY below and let Beth and the Luwandi team know you’re ready for something that works. We’ll schedule a call to discover if the program is a good fit for you.


Want to know what it’s like being part of the Program?

“After really immersing myself in the program, group calls, and all of Beth’s great content, I was able to actually start to be gentle on myself.  I’ve been able to do this better in my own internal dialogue but after the program, I have been able to do this EVEN when the criticism is coming from outside.

I feel so much lighter.

I really truly enjoyed the group calls and went out of my way to be on as many as possible in real time. I appreciated the honesty and vulnerability and hearing others’ brains and wheels work through the same story and message in different ways.

I 100% recommend this. After many years of therapy, this additional, intensive time with the material, the group, and Beth, was exactly what I needed to see and feel some real shift in my outlook and how I treat myself and all my loved ones.”  – CG

Another Satisfied Graduate of Effective Infidelity Treatment:

Because of this program I was able to adjust my mindset. I would be so busy trying to find out why he would do or say a certain thing and I would get in a spiral and it didn’t feel good or make anything better EVER. 

I now have the tools and direction I need to let go of those negative questions and thoughts to focus on what I can control, my healthy path!

Being a part of the group was scary at first. I don’t usually like video and I was a bit reluctant on sharing my situation with strangers much less multiple ones. Boy was I wrong! This group helped me realize I was not alone. I looked forward each week to hearing how others were dealing with very similar circumstances as my own. Each call someone would bring up how they were overcoming and dealing with their situation and I could always relate it back to mine. 

Beth also had the best advice for each of us and we all had many “ah ha” moments together. After the calls I would always feel renewed and no matter my mood prior I felt like wow, what a strong bunch of ladies.  We got this!!!

I would absolutely recommend Beth and her program.

I now feel like I have the tools and the practice to be a better communicator. Having this allows me to adjust my thoughts, feelings and the way I pose questions to be able to handle any situation.  This not only has allowed me to reconnect on a deeper level with my husband but I also have used it to avoid conflict with my family and friends.

I feel like a new person and I feel like whatever life throws at me I am now armed to internally resolve it as quickly as possible and with grace! -HT



Are you a man? Are you the offender? I’ve got you covered. Let me know if you’re ready for individual or couples work. Space is limited. Let’s connect.





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