Women’s Group

Women's Group

SSS Life, the women’s group that addresses Relationship Blocks. Fully recover and become a new kind of Strong, Smart, and Savvy… so they can enjoy a vibrant life and healthy love.

It is the BEST Program for complete recovery after any relationship rupture: divorce, infidelity, breakup, even a significant death.



SSS Life Women’s Group

  • get beyond negative thoughts and feelings
  • answer the lingering questions: why? how? and now what?
  • eliminate relationship blocks and patterns
  • trust again and know you’re ready and equipped for healthy love

You don’t need to try harder or do more. Just follow this effective path that WORKS…no matter what you’re facing.


SSS Life Women’s Group includes:

CONTENT: ALL the best techniques I use in sessions. At your fingertips 24/7.

COMMUNITY: support, share, and celebrate all the ways we’re moving ahead as women. Ask questions, get input, and engage with others in a safe, protected environment.

LIVE COACHING sessions: get group and individual coaching in real time. I’ll teach, demonstrate, and we’ll practice for breakthroughs together. See others apply the concepts and get inspired by the exponential progress.


MORE: LIFETIME ACCESS* When you join SSS Life, you’re a Strong, Smart, and Savvy (TM) Woman for life. Pay the membership once, and you’re a Lifer. You become one of us and have lifetime access to the program and community including all the bonus material and future upgrades. At no additional cost.

That also means once you invest, you can take your time. Take a break when you need one. You can even just “stay in the room” as long as you want. You’ll still benefit. There’s no rush. You are in charge of the pace of your own growth. Please join us. I really mean it when I say…

We want YOU!

Click the Button and JOIN US.

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